• Dancing the Dark, Vexing the Light
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I hold my breath, I escape the sun

Never surrendering the expectation, the desire for adoration

The misrepresentation would keep going forever on the off chance that it needs to

In your arms, I got broken

Hanging tight for you to see the separation

The separation we will keep for time everlasting

We are scarred, no second thoughts yet

On and off, forward and backward we go

Expectation of the most astounding request

Love of the most grounded request

Activity exists not

The stars impact, rainbow is dreary

Quite a long time ago, future appeared to be so splendid

I gave you daftar naga poker my heart to keep

In any case, you stayed away

Love from a remote place, void solace

You are so difficult to cherish

No labyrinth as convoluted as you are

Moving in obscurity, I more likely than not dropped a thousand waters

Is it true that they were tears?

Anticipated the correct time

When I trusted love would come

Recuperated with the stars, looked for solace in the their injuries

Remained as a shield, remained as an island

I attempted so you would not lose me, miss my adoration

Remained solid for us

You required much and I offered substantially more

I needed more and you offered less

I begrudged you, your control and your mental stability

You never cried, as you guaranteed me

I sobbed for us both, weeped for me

Our adoration will stay in obscurity

Forever we vowed to miss one another

Remaining as a watchman, holding up the shield

You broke my dividers, and I disintegrated in your quality

Never beyond words, never to live separated

These were our pledges, our mantra

Moving in obscurity, I probably caused a thousand waters

Is it true that they were tears?

I fell so hard my heart split

Your voice was excessively vibrant

Song to my ears, blades to my heart

You made my eyes aglitter appropriate from the begin

I realized I couldn’t have you, neither might I be able to manage without you

You were large and in charge, you had every one of the words

I required you close by

I fell, without guarantees

Without guarantees of a future

Without guarantees of an eventual fate of us

I remain the hero of habitual pettiness

What’s more, the casualty of a similar game

The guarantees were all mine, the agony was all mine

I realized we wouldn’t arrive, I accepted something else

You neglected to accept we would arrive

I envisioned for the two of us

I wanted to be sufficient, enough for the preliminaries

Wish I were, however would i say i was?

Moving in obscurity, I more likely than not dropped a thousand waters

Is it accurate to say that they were tears?

Presently, I see the precious stones obviously

Presently, I see the thistles unmistakably

Presently, I need to manage without you, without your comfort

Presently, I realize you bombed me

I thought God took you from me

Be that as it may, no! You sold out yourself

You sold out us

A million second thoughts, only one wish

Wish we never met

When I had seen you, I would be in you until the end of time

I fell from the start locate, would it say it was love?

Thistles and precious stones, I see

Mists and sparkles, I see

I felt everything so profoundly

Seas may appear deserts when taken a gander at from a separation

Angelo, love cuerdo, no es love

Blessed messenger, rational love is no adoration

Moving in obscurity, I more likely than not caused a thousand waters

Is it true that they were tears?

I fell, I wasn’t pushed

Or maybe you took a stab at pulling me up

You courageously managed the messed up me

You stayed silent while I was struggled

I was too bustling licking my injuries

Too occupied to even think about noticing you, to see you had injured as well

To see the injuries I gave you

The hurt I caused, the adoration I destroyed

The future I squashed, the tears I caused

I suffocated in the ocean of darlings

I noised over your quietness

We are lost, I lost you

I miss you, your understanding and quietness

Your comprehension and elegance

I will never get my psyche off you

I will never get over you, over your affection

Underneath us lies a nursery of nails

Presently I am prepared to confront what’s to come

Vexing in the light, I more likely than not drawn a million bloods

Is it accurate to say that they were tears?

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